Call notice for KSH01


Call notice for KSH01

Oslo 9 December 2016 – Call notice for “FRN Klaveness Ship Holding AS Senior Unsecured Bond Issue 2013/2018” with ISIN NO 0010675986 and ticker KSH01 PRO (the “Bond Issue or the “Bonds”)

With reference to the stock exchange notices of 22 November 2016, Klaveness Ship Holding AS hereby informs it has, with effect as of today, exercised the call option for redeeming the Bond Issue in whole. Pursuant to section 10.2 of the bond agreement pertaining to the Bond Issue, the Bond Issue will be redeemed at 103.00% of par value (plus accrued interest on the redeemed amount) with settlement expected to occur on 23 January 2017.

For further information, please contact:
Lasse Kristoffersen (CEO, Torvald Klaveness)
Tel:+47 22 52 62 38

Rebekka Glasser Herlofsen (CFO, Torvald Klaveness)
Tel.: +47 22 52 64 41

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