Propelling growth amidst disruptive technologies


Propelling growth amidst disruptive technologies


World Shipping Forum 2017 is held every four years to provide a platform for industry stakeholders to explore potential business opportunities in shipping. Unlike other years, the conference is centered around the digital sector, robotics, satellite communication and the changing environmental regulations that companies must adjust to, not so much “business as usual”, making it particularly interesting.

We are happy to see that the Sanmar Group, much like ourselves are concerned with discussing the potential and the opportunities offered by new solutions and how we can collaborate on topics like this.  Head of Klaveness Dry Bulk, Niels Aage Josefsen will participate in the Forum and is pleased with the topic:

“It’s important that we continuously seek to scout for early indicators of how Digitization is changing our industry and at the same time keep contributing in shaping it ourselves.”

Niels Aage Josefsen, Head of Klaveness Dry Bulk

Josefsen will also share insights on how Klaveness has approached digitalization in the last two years and how it has gotten us to where we are today during the conference.

To view the entire program visit World Shipping Forum

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