Enhancing the customer journey by launching a new digital platform


Enhancing the customer journey by launching a new digital platform

The Klaveness pools have existed for more than 50 years and include today around 50 vessels in the Panamax and Supramax segments. As a Klaveness pool member, Ship Owners get full upside without giving away optionality and can use the market volatility to their benefit. The net earnings are shared among the pool members and distributed according to the vessel’s rating and performance.

The new portal provides easy access to historical performance (individual earnings), monthly pool reports and market updates from Klaveness Research.

A platform that empowers pool members

Increased earnings through optimizing vessel speed and consumption is naturally a going concern for most Ship Owners, and in the pools, this upside goes directly back to the member through an improved rating. Some 40 % of the vessels entering the pools have improved their performance, and we have now built in a calculator on our digital platform that makes it easy for Ship owners to see how adjusting the speed and/or consumption can improve the vessel’s rating. This directly affect the bottom line.

The digital portal aims to make the customer journey in Klaveness easier, more efficient and better informed. It has been developed in close collaboration with key customers to better understand how their customer journey in Klaveness could be enhanced further.

Optimizing a vessel’s performance in just a few clicks

Direct access to Meteo (weather routing service) gives real time information on vessel performance, and thus the possibility to follow up the warranted speed and consumption and make sure that the earnings are in line with expectations.

Although the Pool Management team actively advise pool members on how they may optimize, we believe that being able to do so yourself simplifies decision making and makes it easier for our customers to manage their portfolio of activities.

The new digital portal is part of the service package pool customers get when joining Klaveness. If you are interested in learning more about the platform, how we developed it or more about the services we offer, feel free to send us an email at commercial@klaveness.com

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