Why we think and act like a start-up


Why we think and act like a start-up

Receive alerts and notifications when there are issues that need to be addressed on your mobile device

Receive alerts and notifications when there are issues that need to be addressed on your mobile device

Torvald Klaveness has provided innovative services to the global shipping industry for 70 years, and also plan to do so for the next 70 years. To succeed, we aim at improving our shipping services using software, smart technology and analytics. Our approach is to learn from technology companies, and collaborate with entrepreneurs and partners across industries to meet future challenges together.

Providing useful and intuitive digital services in shipping

Our first digital initiatives began in 2014 when the link between shipping and digitization seemed more farfetched than it does today. We started by prototyping solutions together with external entrepreneurs to learn how we could work differently, gain speed and understanding. A year later our experiments materialised into two shipping products and a big data platform. Cargo was developed to make the life of our cargo customers easier, more efficient and better informed by making all relevant voyages and inventories accessible on one platform. Perform was created to provide operators with relevant, real-time and actionable data about fuel consumption and vessel performance. The Klaveness Data Platform collects and combines data from different sources and has laid the foundation for developing predictive algorithms enabling better use of business data in our organisation. In 2017, we plan to launch new functionality enabling customers to interact more efficiently with each other and save time on searching for information. They will instead receive alerts and notifications when something needs to be addressed on a device they easily have at hand.

In addition to developing digital services, Klaveness is committed to becoming digital inside. For us, that means simplifying and automating processes, exploring new ways of creating value using advanced analytics and developing and maintaining a future oriented IT platform. We do not have all the answers as to where this will take us, but firmly believe that these changes can be shaped and turned into new opportunities.

Learning from Google

It used to cost millions of dollars to launch a software company, but thanks to cloud computing services, freelance communities and crowdfunding sites entrepreneurs have access to the technology, minds and capital required to take on any challenge. Young, ambitious entrepreneurs are now equipped to turn our industry upside down. As a shipping company with entrepreneurial traits we are also able to tap into these resources by acting like small start-ups when developing our digital products and services.

The Klaveness way

Klaveness has established a team responsible for all aspects of the product development and commercialization, shortened feedback loops to learn faster and think broader when it comes to solving our customer problems, and engaging customers. It involves building, hiring and acquiring new digital talent and collaborating with entrepreneurs, partners and professionals across industries beyond our own.

The digital product team at Klaveness consists of both internal and external programmers, designers, product managers and business developers. The team shares a common roadmap and employs agile development methodologies that focus on frequent feedback intervals using daily stand-ups, sprint-demos and retrospectives. Our internal projects and initiatives also make use of the same agile methods focusing on short iterations, experimentation and paper-prototyping.

We hope to continue the steep learning curve and contribute to solving future challenges together with other stakeholders.  We are encouraged by the Norwegian Prime Minister`s invitation to a high-level meeting with key stakeholders on January 11th, 2017, amongst those our CEO Lasse Kristoffersen, to discuss digitization and potential consequences and opportunities for our society.