Get full upside by joining our pools without giving away optionality


Get full upside by joining our pools without giving away optionality

Did you know that the Klaveness pools have served Ship Owners for more than 50 years? Our Bulkhandling and Baumarine pools are based on the principles of the sharing economy, offering Ship Owners full upside without giving away optionality by being part of a global fleet. In this business, you might say that size matters. If you have ever wondered why some Ship Owners would outsource their vessels, this might be what they would tell you.

Timing is Crucial

With an ever-changing market, Owners appreciate having the flexibility that a running exit notice offers, and view the option to convert the floating rate to a fixed rate with Klaveness as a counterpart a bonus. By doing so, Owners can reduce their position risk, particularly on shorter time charters, and it enables them to use market volatility to their benefit.

Ship Owners can enter their vessels into the pools during market lows with low liquidity in the time charter market, and have the full market upside in the Klaveness spot pools. This way Ship Owners may avoid entering join venture agreements with others, and have more control of their own fleet:


 “You can get that market power of having a bigger fleet but still retain your toys, so to speak. I think that’s an easier way to consolidate for a lot of people.”

Kathleen Haines, Heidmar


Owners want to make the most of their assets, and being part of a pool also makes it possible to get additional earnings when their vessels outperform the guaranteed performance of their vessels. In contrast, when vessels are on time charters, Owners do not get any upside for a better performing vessel, and the money goes directly into the Charterers pocket.

Flexibility gives control

The ships are committed for a minimum period of 3 months, thereafter there is a running exit notice giving the Ship Owners full control on timing of their revenue profile, as well as the timing of redelivery. Options given in time charters will always be unfavourable to Owners market positioning.

For many Ship Owners, pools seem to be the way to go these days with spot earnings, flexibility and asset preservation. Learn more about our pools at or contact BD Manager Ignacio Pizarro at to learn more about our pools.

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