Our interns make a positive impact from the beginning of their employment   


Our interns make a positive impact from the beginning of their employment

Image: From left, Nora Thysse Westad and Haruki Chua in Singapore

Image: From left, Nora Thysse Westad and Haruki Chua in Singapore

Meet Nora Thysse Westad and Haruki Chua. Nora joined us last August as part of her 18-month maritime trainee program, and Haruki kick-started his career at Klaveness as an intern in 2017. Hiring and onboarding talented and motivated individuals is crucial part of our continuous development and learning as an organization.

We are therefore always excited to have young and determined individuals join our teams and tailor programs that suit each individual and the skillsets they bring to the organization. If you ask any of their colleagues, they would agree that Haruki and Nora both hit the ground running and have made substantial contributions to their teams from day one.  

Haruki shares his thoughts on his very first meeting with Klaveness, “I think something I really valued was that I got to work on the projects I was most excited about once I had gotten an introduction to the various business areas” Nora added, “I feel that we get to work on projects that can add considerable value to the organization, and for me, that’s really motivating.”  

Working on high impact projects

During his internship, Haruki, who is currently a charterer on the Supramax desk in Singapore, completed a study to identify opportunities in the Persian Gulf. Nora, our current Maritime Trainee spent a few months in Singapore working “Freight Central”, a tool that will revolutionize the way we interact with our clients. We believe that placing interns at the heart of the business not only enables them to learn as much as they possibly can during their internship, but it also gives them insights into core areas of the business, quickly. Working across departments and rotating across different offices has given them both unique, hands-on experience which they can combine with their fields of expertise.  

Nora has her degree from NHH Norwegian School of Economics where she majored in Financial Economics, and minored in Energy, Natural Resources and Environment. She is an eager Power BI user and contributes where she can with her skillset. Haruki completed his bachelor’s degree last year from Singapore Management University where he did a double degree Finance and Maritime Ecnonmics.  

Global experience

Shipping revolves around world trade and no experience is complete without the chance to work in another part of the world. As part of her internship program, Nora completed a 3 month stay at the office in Singapore, furthering her project on Freight Central. She has also contributed with her expertise in Excel and PowerBI. “While she is here to learn something, she has also made a difference in the Singapore office by sharing her knowledge and expertise in Power BI and development of Freight Central. We find them to be very resourceful and great at problem-solving”, says Kolbjørn, desk leader of Supramax in Asia. During her stay in Singapore, she also got to visit several Singaporean companies and Norwegian affiliates, shipyards, and the National Technological University of Singapore (NTU) for lectures on cultural issues.  

A central part of being an intern is to get to know the business. If you want to learn more about what it’s like to be an intern in Klaveness, you may read: 

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